Sunday, July 22, 2012

Q&A (An introduction to the blog)

Why are you making a music blog?

Good question.

Essentially, I'm making this blog because I love music, and I also love to write. A blog is a slick way to combine those two interests and to share the results with people who might care to read.

Give me more reasons.



One primary reason I've created this thing is this: there's a lot of information out there (music textbooks, recordings, videos, web sites, brainy music professors). This blog will hopefully help me (and you) sort it all out.

It will be a nice way to 1) help with my own navigation through the music world (documenting personal projects and musical development, reflecting on my own views of this or that) and to 2) help/teach/bore/excite/entertain other music-lovers and music-learners (creating mini-music lessons, sharing useful practice tips, sharing YouTube clips of inspiring, masterful performances)

Why is your blog title so vague?


I couldn't think of anything better, and I had been putting off the creation of the blog for too long to keep stewing over title ideas.

But it WORKS. I am going to be writing about music here. And I didn't want to limit myself to just one component of music: just piano music, or just music theory, or just the genre of, say, jazz.

I want to cover it all! It's all important.

So, you're writing about all of it. 


 That's my intention, yes.

Can you...narrow that down, at least a little bit?


Narrow down? Maybe not. Define? Maybe a little bit. I'll try. Content will probably fall within one of these (broad...) categories:
  • Music theory
  • Music history (biographies of people I find to be interesting and/or important, or just random tidbits of any amusing historical information I come across)
  • Videos/recordings
  • Piano lessons (bite-sized mini-lessons, but they won't actually be edible)
  • Practice tips
  • Personal music projects


Wow! What a cool bunch of broad categories.

Thank you.

You mentioned music theory. Are you going to bore and confuse me with a bunch of technical jargon?


Yes. Yes I am.

Well, no. No I won't. I'll try not to. I will be writing using technical terms to discuss music theory at times. But in doing so, I will try to be as concise, clear, and as helpful as I can be.

I can't promise that I won't bore you, because, well, some people just aren't as excited as me when it comes to, say, the German augmented sixth chord.

German augmented sixth chords? Cool! I'm hooked. How can I easily follow this blog?


You can simply bookmark the URL and put it in your bookmarks folder labelled "MUST READ." Alternatively if you use a feed reader, you can subscribe to the blog's RSS feed found at the bottom of the page.

Could you please occasionally post some of your favorite music puns to the blog?


Absolutely! [I wanted that response to be a pun in itself. In this case, it's not really a pun. But it's filled with musical terms: Ab (A-flat), sol (after fa, before ti), lute (a plucked string instrument).]

Do you encourage readers to comment on blog posts and ask music-related questions that they would like to have answered?


What a curiously specific question! As it so happens, I do encourage all of the above. 

Cool! I have one last question about the blog: What will you write about here? I forgot.


I will write about music here.

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